Millennium Green path
New fotopaths
Oak bench
Community gathering
Danger deep water
Aerial view of Epsom
Smooky trees
Bench and bridge
Epsom community
Moorhen chick
Weed removal
Egyptian geese
Heron in the weeds
Pruning bushes
New duckhouse
Moving duckhouse in position
Our new duckhouse
Path in autumn
Scouts planting trees
Tree planting
Our life president hard at work
Weed removal
Millennium path
Tending the bonfire
Community tea break
A dog's work is never done
Clearing up
More maintenance
Woodcote Millennium Green sign
Heron on signpost
Scouting community work
Overgrown weess
Frozen paths
Yellow autumnal trees
A chilly woodland
Overgrown path
Rebuilding the sundial
Pond weeds
Overgrown pond
Removing the fish from the pond
Netting fish on the pond
Catching more fish
The fish removed
Scout helpers
Mowing the lamn
Epsom cunmmunity work
Epsom pond dipping
Baby frogs
Aerial view of the glade
Sunlit paths
Preparing for tree planting
Digging tree holes
Millennium Green breathing spaces
The tree felllas
Wintery paths
Bulb planting
Clearing paths
Trees in woodland
Pulling up weeds
Dark path
Sawing trees
Notice board
Sawing trees
The glade
Planning tree planting
A misty woodland
Snowy footpaths
Frozen pond
Planting saplings
Fish caught in pond
Tree planting
Snow covered avenue
New saplings
Waders and weeds
Epsom in winter
Sapling support
Heron in flight
Autumn on the green
Tree preparation
Woodcote Hurst
Path building
Laying new paths
Path construction
The Avenue
Morris dancers Epsom
New trees
Overgrown pond
New pond

Epsmo Hisstoric postcard
Woodcote Pond postcard
Epsom historic postcard
Woodcote Green postcard
Woodcote Pond Epsom
Woodcote Road Epsom
Millennium Green postcard
Epsom pond postcard
Millennium Green historic postcard
Woodcote Road Epsom postcard
Woodcote Pond Epsom